From the recording The Usual Suspect

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I got scars on my heart
They tried to rip me apart
They hit me with a charge
Like I was a goofy mark
Like I wouldn’t fight hard
And didn’t know GOD
I’m play chess not checkers
they pulling the wrong cards
They say rappies
Really rapping
Man them boys got bars
They snitching
Telling the business
You know they wanna be stars

They told me to gone tell
They’ll give me a bail
I told them to go to hell
They put me back in my cell
All alone standing strong
Don’t know when going home
the King dethroned
What more can go wrong
Law books hit the phone
She tell me her son is gone
I get with the tone
In A zone
I know that I’m on my own

I’m slapping bones
I feel my heart getting weak
My mind strong

Nigga chill don’t say shit
On none of these dam phones

Its me against the world
And the Department Of Justice

I took care my niggas
I kept they books in my Budget

I play Chess not checkers
They pulling
the wrong cards

It’s Guns Oil and Drugs
They believe in the wrong GOD

Mail call Court dates

My people waiting on me
To call colllect

Cause I’m The Usual Suspect

Jumping jacks sit ups push ups burpies
Frustrated, Stressed out,
upset, worried

God test the strong

Until they realize that there worthy

Thank you Lord for my strength

Now I’m begging for your mercy

Possession intent sells deliverers

Manufacture distribution

In concert conspiracy

Codes rules and procedures
Criminal History
Sentencing guidelines
I Read my whole discovery

They tried to hit me with
Kingpin charge

That ain’t gone happen

They telling
But you need 3 of them say
I was the captain

Then they changed it up
And hit me
With some manager stuff
With no evidence
I had control
And no relevant conduct